Thursday, October 22, 2009

Totally Addicted

woo~ im totally addicted playing farm ville. huhu. reason why I woke up early this morning just because nk harvest tanaman kt farm ville..damn. ape sudah jd kepada diriku? once dah terjebak, i can't go back. same goes to cafe world. lagi teruk rs. In the middle tengah shopping bley teringat ayam x serve lagi..takot basi..waa~ T_T otak dah

to anyone feels that you dont have enough time to study, do not underestimate this game. because once you try to play and create a would haunt you forever..muahaha

glad when first time play farm ville and i've already got some cow. ;)

i need to wait until 3 days to (tersalah pilih benih.huhu)

hey! basikal ni cute giler kn? i wonder why they dont let me do cycling in my farm*sigh

tanaman shining wau!

p/s: x puas hati ngn cafe world.xbley amek2


fairuz said...

camne nak main game nih kak? nak cari kat mane?

ohmimie! said...

fai dah wat facebook ke?
you told me before that you neva own one rite? hehe.

ohmimie! said...

eh.forgot to tell you,game ni dalam facebook dear. ;)